Looks more beautiful with a flat belly!

A flat abdomen or belly denotes health and beauty, so it is important that you take care of every detail to achieve it, that is, from your diet to the practice of some physical activity such as yoga exercises.

By practicing yoga you learn to breathe properly, which helps you oxygenate all your cells to keep them healthy; In addition, all your body is cleaned, which allows a better care of your beauty.

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Looks more beautiful with a flat belly!

1. Postures with torsions of the body. They help activate the digestive system. The pressure that is exerted blocks the blood flow to the internal organs, so at the end of the posture your body fills with blood and oxygen 100%

There are simple and complex twists, however, any of them help you activate your digestive system. An example of a deep and simple twist is the Marichyasana.

2. Nabhi Kriya. It involves six simple yoga exercises. All focus on the abdomen, but the first three help activate different areas of the belly. The first activates the lower belly, the second the middle, and the third helps the elimination of gases.

3. Nauli Kriya. It is a breathing exercise that gives a massage to the intestine. It consists of separating the legs across the width of the hip, inhaling deep to fill the lungs with air; lower your torso in half with your hands on your waist; When you run out of air in the body, take the navel to the column and catch the exhale.

Move the abdomen from the inside out as many times as you can while holding your breath. Once the body needs to breathe it raises the torso and inhales very slowly.

The practice of yoga is much more than postures, although it is true that these are wonderful to keep you in shape, there are also breaths and meditations for the benefit of your health.

The best thing about practicing these three yoga exercises is that they also help to lower the level of anxiety and regulate the nervous system, so activate internal health so that you can reflect it with the naked eye!

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