Lines that alter your beauty ...

Aesthetic problem that marks beyond appearance: the self esteem . Stretch marks are present in much of life, not only of women but also of men, since in some cases it is related to the bad habits


The stretch marks they are atrophies of the skin because, when they occur, there is a decrease in the thickness, consistency and elasticity of the skin , it states Roberto Glorio, specialist doctor in dermatology and teacher of the Buenos Aires' University .


Lines that alter your beauty ...

Stretch marks constitute a form of dermal healing following the rupture and changes in the configuration of the fiber network collagen and elastic ", says Glorio.


Although there is no process or method that completely eliminates stretch marks if there are options that help to diminish their appearance. According to a study of Duke University Medical Center in the United States s, that the onion-based moisturizer can do wonders for the skin.

Another alternative is to make them up and our friends from Lola told me , they tell you how to do it.


You need:

1. Cream to moisturize (preferably with sunscreen)

2. Concealer for dark circles skin

3. Makeup sponge

4. Liquid base according to your skin tone

5. Translucent powder

6. hair fixative spray

How to achieve it:

1. Look closely at where you have stretch marks, put on the moisturizer and wait 1 minute; this is so that the effect lasts longer.

2. Now with the help of the sponge, put the makeup base just above the stria and around it, do it with small touches to make it fade.

3. Then apply the translucent powder with a brush but try to spread it outwards so that it is also diffused.

4. Now that everything has been covered with makeup, put on the spray or hair fixer to last a long time, but put it at a distance of 15 cm for 5 seconds, nothing more.

5. Ready !, lose the fear of teaching your body by those little marks.

Although it is a problem in which genetics intervene, the appearance of stretch marks may decrease with changes in lifestyle. Beware!