Like good wines ...

One of the advantages of being a woman is that explosion full of tingling and relaxation that invades the body by having a orgasm it can be experienced several times, especially at a age specific.

Believe it or not, the University of Texas reveals that women they have between 30 and 50 years they have one full sexual life because they experience orgasms more easily


The figures do not lie: 61% of women between the ages of 18 and 24 experience an orgasm; 65% of those who are 30 years old feel a greater intensity during the climax; around 70% of those who are between 40 and 50 feel more than one orgasm "


Like good wines ...

One of the reasons why they feel more pleasure after 30 years it's because they know their body perfectly, they are sure of what they like or do not like ; in other words, they have more experience in the privacy .

Another point in favor is that they feel more confident in the bedroom, they disconnect from everything around them and concentrate on the moment, that's why they have more fun.

Even in the study it is detailed that between 30 and 40 years have more fantasies sex, as well as a greater likelihood to fulfill them.

The key to enjoying a full sex life is to forget taboos, to know yourself and to have an open communication with your partner to know what they like and thus get more orgasms . Do not forget to protect yourself and have fun!


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