Letting your pet kiss you can cause you to death, did you know?

Many people see it as normal to kiss their pet and do not care that it may have consequences in doing so.


Letting your pet kiss you can cause you to death, did you know?

A study conducted by Japanese experts states that this type of behavior is harmful to health of the humans.

Being in constant contact with saliva and the feces of dogs and cats can cause stomach cancer, this is due to a bacteria that these animals have.

The doctor Masahiko Nakamura of the University of Kitaato Tokyo , conducted an investigation to find causes that could cause stomach cancer.

The results were that one of the causes is the presence of a bacterium called Helicobacter Heilmanni, the same one that lodges in the stomach of the animals. This can be contracted through the licking and feces of dogs and cats.

70% of people with gastric lymphoma who entered this research, tested positive for the presence of this bacterium mentioned above. They accepted that they used to kiss their pets many times confirming this study.

Experts recommend minimizing this type of practice with animals, since in Mexico stomach cancer is the second disease that causes death.

It is not about doing away with your pet, just keep away the kisses or licks of these animals.

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