Lethal virus found in ducks from South Korea

The death from one of 5 Ducks wild in South Korea found dead seems to be due to a infection lethal derivative of a type of virus of bird flu , so the country could face a new outbreak , publishes the news agency AFP.

Tests showed that 1 out of 5wild ducks found dead in the city of Sacheon had been attacked by the H5H1 virus , declared the minister of farming it's a statement. This same knowledge is dangerous for humans and has already been detected in another type of birds in other nearby regions.

South Korea confirmed the outbreak of bird flu last Friday, and some measures have been taken, such as the sacrifice of 100 thousand birds to try to contain the dissemination of virus .

Authorities of the country have already begun to carry out inspections in different species of birds and they asked businesses that work with them to extreme precautions.

The World Health Organization notes that the areas affected by a outbreak of bird flu are not considered as high risk of infection for travelers, unless you have direct contact and no protection with infected birds, including its feathers, uncooked meat, eggs or waste.