Let it be expressed!

Have you ever wondered if your partner enjoys intimacy? If you're embarrassed to do it directly, you can tell if you're satisfied with just identifying the sounds it emits.

In accordance with Marianne Leyton Lemp, specialist in sex and couples therapy, Women express their desire through voice and throat, if they do not, maybe it's because of shyness.

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Let it be expressed!

If your partner does not get carried away, you can help her with gestures and words, in this way she will have the confidence to express herself without doubts or shame and you will be able to identify the intensity of her passion .

In his book "Sex that heals: the power of yin and yang", Shen Zaihong He details that the woman who expresses herself without limits connects with her sexuality, so it is easy to discover with the following sounds if she is satisfied in intimacy.

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