Let go of things ...

Does your dedication make you feel overwhelmed? At present there is no time for leisure or rest; even according to a survey conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA) , approximately half of the workers do not use their assigned vacations due to the large number of responsibilities they have.

"Part of this sensation comes from the pressures of the current world in continuous connection, due to email messages, cell phones and the Internet, people face a difficulty to disconnect from work and personal priorities," says a study. of the APA.


Let go of things ...

Do you feel overwhelmed? Say goodbye to this problem with the following recommendations.

1. Discard the guilt complex . One of the biggest changes you can make is not trying to be "perfect". In accordance with Brigid Schulte, author of Overwhelmed, trying to satisfy, above all, simultaneously generates guilt, frustration and anxiety. Feelings that overwhelm.

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