Lessons against sexual abuse

Educators around the world have considered the need to have programs for the prevention of sexual abuse against minors. However, some experts question the impact that such programs could have on children who are not aware of this type of education. violence .

These essays have been criticized by experts and parents because the generalization of campaigns to incite complaints on the issue can have an impact on these actions among minors. Some of the specific concerns are the age at which the lessons will begin and the evaluation of the effect of the campaigns to stop the problem.

Noemí Peredea, a professor at the University of Barcelona, ​​told the Spanish newspaper El País that victims who reveal their experiences early can receive help and favors that the negative psychological effects associated with keeping a secret are minor.

The Spanish project is taking place in the schools of Palma de Mallorca and has a project name Wake , where through stories and analogies we will try to educate children about the message that nobody can subject them to blackmail and nobody can force them to do something they do not want.

Video Medicine: Safety Lessons On Child Sexual Abuse (February 2023).