Less carbohydrates

The hair removal It is part of our beauty ritual , but sometimes we believe certain Myths .

One of them is that when using rake thehair becomes thicker , which is totally false, because when you remove it removes the dead part of the hair .

The above, according to a study published in the British Medical Journal.

However, there are certain effective tricks to prevent the hair grow thick and in a short time . Take note:


Less carbohydrates

Although you doubt it, the feeding plays an important role . According to Mayo Clinic experts, excessive consumption of these favors the insulin resistance , which in turn stimulates hair growth .



It is important that, when shaving, the area to be plucked is wet . This helps the pores open and, consequently, extraction is facilitated.



Verify that the rake you use have at least three blades , so you will not have any problem remove hair and hence, you will prevent it from being buried and it will not be eliminated .



The one of peppermint It is ideal for reduce testosterone levels hormone responsible for hair growth , this according to researchers from the Suleyman Demirel Universitesi of Turkey.

Now you know how forget about the hair to the safe.


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