Legs without varices

The varicose veins are the indication that there is a problem of blood circulation , that of not being attended to in time can reach levels of complication that would put in risk until the life.

The doctor María Isabel Guevara , an angiologist and specialist in vascular surgery, explains that these small marks that commonly appear in the areas of the ankles, thighs and the back of the knees, are the result of the valves inside the come to not work properly and produce an increase in their pressure that ultimately causes a circulation deficient.

If you have experienced fatigue, heaviness in the legs, itching, numbness, pain and swelling, you must go to the doctor, especially if you have a sedentary lifestyle, spend long periods sitting or standing and if do you have osteoarticular injuries , how can it be flatfoot , since it is a condition that affects the circulation .

The specialist says that once they are presented and diagnosed, they have to be treated in order to avoid becoming a bigger problem, for this she shares 7 simple and practical recommendations, in addition to receiving medical attention:

1. Avoid sedentary life.
2. Maintain the ideal weight
3. Exercise Aerobic 30 minutes a day, not high impact, do not run, nor lift weights.
4. Practice swimming.
5. Use of compression elastic stockings according to the degree of illness.
6. Consume foods rich in vitamin C because it strengthens the wall of the come to .
7. Wet the legs in the direction of circulation .

In addition to these measures, there are vascular treatments that help fight varicose veins . Know them in the following video:

If the work activity involves having to be many hours standing or sitting, a good measure is to do the exercise of 'punta-heón' to stimulate the circulation , raising your legs for a few minutes to a bench or a chair will help improve the blood irrigation and therefore, that the legs receive the so desired rest.

To conclude the specialist says: "If we see a vein we can think that it is something normal, but the body already gave a signal and warns that there is a problem to be solved".

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Video Medicine: Treatment for Varicose Veins | Nucleus Health (January 2021).