Leg lift exercise

There are two types of grease what do you have in your area abdominal . The first is subcutaneous fat , which is directly under the skin and on top of abdominal muscles . And the second is the visceral, which is even more below the abdomen , just above your muscles and surrounding your organs.

The visceral fat plays an important role in the appearance of "tummy "They have some men, where their abdomen It is protruding and excessive, but at the same time it also feels hard if you squeeze it with your fingers.

No longer just for image, but for the welfare of your health, keep a good physical condition it is indispensable to maintain a adequate weight and avoid the overweight .

The basis for achieving this is the exercise , in addition to some restrictions on feeding that will allow you to reduce that grease that forms the call "tummy . Therefore, in GetQoralHealth we tell you what abdominal routine will help you reduce it:


Leg lift exercise

East exercise work the ABS inferior in men. To start, lie down with your arms straight resting on the sides. Slowly, lift both legs together, perpendicular to the floor, about 20 to 30 cm. Control your breathing and use the abdominal muscles to keep your legs in this position while you count to ten. Repeat these exercises ten to twelve times to complete a series. Initially, two series per day are sufficient, as the resistance , increases the number of series every day.


Reverse contraction exercise

Lie down with your feet crossed; with the knees bent, the legs are raised to the thighs to a level where the knees and thighs form a ninety degree angle. The ABS they contract as the knees move closer to the chest. During this movement, the lower back makes contact with the ground and pressure is exerted on it. The knees slowly return to the original position, and then the legs are lowered to the original position with the feet crossed on the floor. They must be done in two to three series, 12 to 15 repetitions each.


Hip push exercise

Lie on the floor, cross your ankles and raise your legs slowly, keeping them straight and pointing them towards the ceiling. Contract the abdominal muscles and lift your hips off the ground. The lower part of the back should be touching the ground. As with the other exercises, this should be done in sets of 10 to 12 repetitions. Try to complete at least two series.

The more you practice these abdominal exercises , the sooner they will be carried out properly and will have an impact on the Abdominal fat , reducing the "cheery tummy" .

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