Learn to protect yourself from the winter cold

Covering cold It is essential in this winter season, but many times the mistake is made of dressing with clothes that help little to generate and keep the heat in the body.

Experts in fashion, camping and health consulted by Excelsior , recommend the use of specific clothing that, without disturbing, protect against low temperatures.

Enrique Solano , doctor of the Comprehensive Health Clinic He explained that keeping the neck, trunk and waist covered helps regulate the temperature body, so he suggested applying the dress code, known worldwide as "layers "Which are divided into three:

  1. It is the one that has contact with the skin , prevents the passage of cold to the body and must be made of a material that, in case of sweating, dries easily.
  2. The second layer is what it offers hot and he keeps it in the body. This is where you have to put on wool, polar sweaters or other material that helps generate heat quickly.
  3. The last layer should be a jacket, jacket, coat or raincoat that allows repelling the wind and prevents it from entering the body, but must also ensure that the heat generated with the two previous layers is maintained.

According to specialists, the use of gloves must be paramount; preferably choose a plush and baggy. Also, your head can cover it with a cap or earmuffs, that keep the temperature warm

In addition, the lips should rehydrate them constantly, for example, with ointments that lubricate and avoid peeling .

For your part, the neck can be covered with "turtleneck" clothing or closed-knit scarves, which serve as a filter for breathe .

Remember that you must complement your wardrobe with comfortable boots, which also protect you from the cold. Also, do not forget to hydrate your skin with some cream to avoid dryness. And you Are you ready to face the low temperatures?

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