Learn to live without pain

The pain it is defined as an unpleasant sensory experience. It can be constant or intermittent. People can experience it anywhere on the body, such as back, abdomen, chest, muscle pain or in a generalized way.

However, it is possible to live without pain, even if it is mild, acute or chronic. In interview for the program Chronicles of Health, the doctor Margarita Araujo , an expert in pain mediation, said:

"It is a signal that sends the body and indicates that something is wrong. He is a guardian angel. It can go from very trivial things like discomforts, after exercising, feeling clothes or tight shoes or indicating something more important as a constant pain , which allows us to make an adequate diagnosis. "

According to Araujo, the pain help detect a problem in time For example, in the case of surgeries, the presence of analgesics It is crucial to improve the quality of life of people:

"The anesthesiology He jumped when the pain was removed. The use of this type of strong drugs in surgery makes patients feel happy. The pain It does not have to occur, when there are methods for this. "

In this sense, the specialist in pain medicine, reiterates that the key is to express what we feel and go with the right people; there are medicines and therapies that optimize the lives of people: "The key is information; there is no need for people to live badly; There is always hope".

Video Medicine: Helping You Live without Chronic Pain (June 2024).