Learn to have your blood pressure under control

Good control of the arterial hypertension the risk of suffering decreases 50% senile dementia , you can also avoid a heart attack .

Take the necessary measures When our health is at risk, it will allow the blood circulation Irrigate without problems to the brain, avoiding the creation of clots.

The levels of blood pressure suitable for a healthy person are from 120/80 and if it rises more than 140/90 precautions must be taken. From our house we can have a constant monitoring of pressure, so that as soon as we notice a change, we go to the doctor and prevent surprises.


Measure it at home

Before taking your blood pressure, make sure you do not drink alcohol or caffeine , nor products derived from tobacco 30 minutes before. The following instructions are for the use of a sphygmometer (apparatus to measure the pressure).

Before starting, it is basic knows the difference between systolic pressure Y dystolic ; the first value measures when the heart pumps and the second tells us when the heart rests (this is always less)

  1. Sit down, without moving or talking, in a comfortable position with legs and calves uncrossed and with a support in the back
  2. Place your left arm raised to the level of the heart on a table or desk
  3. You must wrap the upper part of your arm with the sphygmometer so that the lower edge is 2.5cm above the bend of the elbow
  4. Locate the major artery inside the elbow, palpating the pulse and place the stethoscope on it, below the sphygmometer
  5. Verify that the valve in the pear rubber inflator closed
  6. Compress quickly the bulb to inflate the sphygmometer until the meter shows 30 mmHG. above the normal systolic pressure or up to 210mmHg.
  7. Open the valve slightly letting the pressure decrease between 2 to 5 mmHg per second. The level in the meter is recorded as soon as listen to the first pulse; this is the systolic pressure
  8. Follow listening to the pulse; at the moment when the sound disappears, note is the diastolic pressure

It is important to note that they already exist digital monitors which indicates both values ​​automatically on a screen.

The timely diagnosis It is the only weapon to protect the patient. Become aware of how to change eating habits, take prescribed medications, exercise can be controlled in 99 % of the cases.

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