Learn them and avoid them to improve your relationships!

There are some attitudes and behaviors that are considered inappropriate or annoying for some people, so they try to avoid them, but, you have thought: what things bother women?

According to various studies and surveys, something that can make women and most people angry is the lack of attention and respect towards others.


Learn them and avoid them to improve your relationships!


  1. Use a cell phone in a meeting. A study of Marshall School of Business and Howard University USC He details that women feel uncomfortable or annoyed when someone uses their mobile phone in a work meeting, that is, they feel it as a lack of respect.
  2. Complaints According to a survey conducted by the firm Eversave 84% of women are bothered by the complaints expressed by their friends on social networks such as Facebook, as well as discussing policy issues or presumptuous attitudes.
  3. Lack of attention. In one study, the psychologist Steven Stosny , professor of University of Maryland , details that women consider it inappropriate and in bad taste not to pay attention or respond with monosyllables.
  4. I do not know how to listen Researchers of the University of Hertfordshire They point out that women find it very annoying that their partners do not listen to them.
  5. Excess facial hair. A study published in Oxford Journals He details that the male beard is annoying to most women. Men are more attractive when they appear shaved.

By trying to reduce these behaviors, you will not only have greater attractiveness for them, but you will improve social bonds with others. And to you, what behaviors do you find aggressive, annoying or irritating?

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