Learn more benefits!

Do you crave a dessert with cherries in this heat? This seasonal food contains many nutrients and natural antioxidants that help you to refresh your body and prevent premature aging.

Several studies have revealed that cherries provide many health benefits. For example, an investigation of the University London South Bank suggests that this fruit accelerates muscle recovery of athletes who have suffered some injury.


Learn more benefits!

Based on information provided by Northwest Cherries , sweet cherries offer more benefits such as:

  1. Improve cardiovascular health
  2. Strengthens the immune system
  3. Help a good rest and better sleep patterns
  4. Promotes and protects brain processes

They also provide calcium, potassium, magnesium, provitamin A and C to the body. The red color of the cherries is an excellent indicator of the antioxidants, which help to slow down the oxidation process of the cells.

Also, to enjoy your phytonutrients that help counteract harmful effects derived from diseases such as cancer and heart problems, we share the following refreshing recipe with cherries:


Cherry and agave sorbet


  1. 200 grams of Northeast Cherries, fresh
  2. 300 grams of ice
  3. 20 ml of agave honey
  4. 20 grams of mashed sugar

Bone the cherries. In the blender, place the ice and crush until smooth. Add cherries, agave honey, sugar and continue to liquefy. Serve in glasses or small molds and garnish with mint leaves.

If you want to take an ice cream consistency, you can let the mixture stand for two hours in the freezer.

Remember to maintain a balanced diet with fruits and vegetables to maintain a healthy weight, as well as the practice of some physical activity.

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