Learn all about tiflotechnology

Currently the society is dominated by new technologies . And, nevertheless, not all the technological devices existing in the market are susceptible of being used by people with blindness or visual deficiency .

In many cases, adaptation is required to avoid segregating these people. That's what the tiflotechnology .

The tiflotechnology (denomination from the Greek tiflos, which means "blind" ) is the set of techniques, knowledge and resources aimed at procuring, designing and adapting for people with blindness or visual deficiency the convenient means for the correct use of information and communication technologies (ICT).

The tiflotechnology refers to all electronic technologies (hardware and software) that allow access to information and communication of these people in order to facilitate their personal autonomy . Without the tiflotechnology , this group could not access a large number of everyday areas, as well as certain information or the ability to communicate and interact with other people in their environment.

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In certain cases and for certain people with disability visual technology becomes an essential element, and ICT most of the time is a fundamental element for educational, social, affective, cultural, educational or work inclusion, among other areas.

There are two types of tiflotechnologies : the specific ones, which would be the technological devices created for the exclusive use of the blind, and the adapted ones that focus on the hardware and the software designed so that a blind or poor visual can use a standard equipment.

The adaptation of these devices facilitate orientation, mobility and contribute to the autonomy of people blind . The tiflotechnology opens the horizon of people blind , in such a way that it improves its integration to the demands of daily life.

Video Medicine: ONCE | "No limits - All together" (June 2021).