Laugh and burn calories

The dream of most human beings is to laugh more and suffer less. Although this is a question of attitude, since happiness depends on oneself, we give you 8 reasons to laugh more, be happy and eliminate the extra calories you have:

1.- The laughter it is one of the most practical and enjoyable exercises you can perform; The best part it is free. When you laugh, twice as much air enters the lungs, therefore, your body oxygenates more.

2.- When laugh , in addition to favoring the production of endorphins, you also allow your neurons to be strengthened.

3.- The laughter lubricates and cleans the eyes, through tears. The laughter vibrates the head and clears the nose and the ear.

4.- With each laugh Nearly 400 muscles are started, including some of the stomach that can only be exercised with laughter.

5.- The spleen is stimulated and the toxins are eliminated.

6.- Five or six minutes of laughter continuous, they act as an analgesic.

7.- When you laugh you secrete more adrenaline, which enhances your creativity and imagination.

8.- The laughter facilitates digestion and helps reduce fatty acids in the body.

For these and many other reasons, we recommend that you do not stop practicing the exercise of smile ; your face will change; You will feel healthier and more radiant.

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