Lack of sleep generates depression

According to the experts in sleep disorders , teenagers who have problems for sleep , they develop higher probabilities of presenting an episode depressant in the future.

Specialists of different sleep clinics recommend treatment with techniques of self-relaxation Y cognitive therapies , so they rule out the use of drugs or tranquilizers .

The sleep disturbances they are very frequent and appear as a consequence of the conflict that prevails between the greater need for sleep at this stage of life and the demands of school and social demand.

This conflict causes rhythms and irregular sleep schedules in adolescents (going to bed late and getting up very early), which cause an insufficiency of sleep that facilitates the irruption of daytime sleepiness .

Sleep therapies for adolescents

For sleep therapists, a complete assessment of all the adolescent's activities is important to focus the treatment with a global strategy.

The test for the study of this disorder, known as MSLT , allows to recognize the existing sleep deficit . The therapy focuses on repairing this deficit from a quantitative point of view and on restoring a correct sleep schedule: going to bed at the right time and waking up at the right moment.

At the same time, the rhythm of the activity is regulated during the day, avoiding stress, advising on the rest time and maintaining the maximum regularity in the schedule so that the restitution of the sleep rhythm .

Nap behavioral reeducational strategy l does not significantly improve the characteristics of the disorder, the therapist may choose to apply certain techniques chronotherapeutic whose purpose is to restore the so-called "biological clock".

In most cases, successively modifying bedtime and waking up on average, one or two hours, is enough to slowly and progressively bring these two circumstances closer to the correct time to fall asleep and wake up; therefore, rest and optimize your quality of life.

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