Knowing the enemy

Between the malformations of the heart is the aorto-ventricular tunnel , a rare congenital malignancy that represents less than 0.1% of all hereditary malformations.

Of the 130 of the cases reported until 2007, 90% is observed in males.

It involves the formation of a channel of communication between the two ventricles of the heart. In 90% of cases, it connects to the left ventricle and is less frequent than at ventricle straight.


Knowing the enemy

Some patients present blow in the heart and an abnormal enlargement of the heart (cardiomegaly ), but most suffer from heart failure in the first year of life.

The study for diagnosis is echocardiography, and patients are usually treated surgically .


Avant-garde Medical Center

In Mexico, one of the specialized centers to treat cardiac malformations like this one is the National Medical Center (CMN) La Raza of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS).

This hospital recently addressed its second case of aorto-ventricular tunnel in 15 years, both in men and treated in a surgical .

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