Know your vagina

With the same dedication with which you take care of your face, arms and legs, the vagina should also be that part of the body that deserves the same (or more) attention. Do not wait to have a discomfort or infection and take into account these care of the vagina.


The accelerated pace in which they live makes many women neglect their intimate area, or have wrong routines that, in the long term, can cause infections, pain or illness. All this can be avoided if you have the appropriate care, "says Héctor Mondragón Alcocer, gynecologist and obstetrician specializing in Reproductive Biology.

The specialist shares a series of vaginal care with GetQoralHealth so that you can take them into account and avoid possible ailments and discomforts.


Know your vagina

Do not be afraid or sorry to do it. Once a week, check it with a mirror and see if there are changes in the color of your skin, bad smell or any bulge. In case of noticing any anomaly you should go with your gynecologist; Only he can tell you what treatment to follow.


Do you clean well?

Remember to always clean the perineal area from front to back so as not to drag germs from the anus to the vulva.

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