Know if you are addicted to sugar

Eat sugar Too much is a bad habit that hurts your Health , your teeth and your silhouette. Also, according to the University of Chicago , the sugar makes the brain produce serotonin which is one of the hormones related to happiness, this substance can create a dependency of the body towards the sugar . GetQoralHealth have a test so you can find out if you have this addiction .

1. If you feel down, what do you eat?

a) Chocolate tablet b) Yogurt and fruit c) Cookies

2. What is your greatest temptation?

a) Dark chocolate b) Chocolate filled with caramel c) White chocolate

3. How do you consider your energy level? a) Good b) Fair c) Bad

4. You consider the food as: a) Source of energy b) Source of pleasure c) Source of consolation

5. What is your daily breakfast?

a) Juice of fruits and cereal b) Coffee and whole grain c) Coffee and a sandwich

6. Do you eat between meals? a) Never b) Only when you are very busy c) Yes, whenever you feel depressed

7. What do you eat when you are away from home? a) Salad b) Pasta c) Everything depends on your mood

Majority of A: Consumes sugar to keep you energized; however, it does not provide you with any nutrient necessary for your organism. The best thing is that you bring a diet healthy so as not to suffer from deficiencies.

Majority of B: Consumes sugar by whim. You enjoy desserts a lot and you never refuse a sweet. Try not to overdo it to not gain extra kilos, but do not deprive yourself of what you like. Avoid eating sweets fasting and in this way is absorbed by the body and that all day you want more and more.

Majority of C: Consumes sugar to improve your mood. You are a sensitive person and often resort to candy to find relief to your emotions. You must take into account that the well-being that the sugar It is instantaneous and when the effect passes you will feel just as sad. The best thing is to break the vicious circle and face your emotions in a healthier way.

What were your results? If you have noticed that you are addicted to sugar It is important that you adopt new eating habits to take care of your Health . Remember that to achieve it you only need 21 days. Good luck!

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