Knots and forms that take care of your mind ...

As the years go by, the body and capacities change (in some cases negatively). However, it is possible that the activities we carry out to release the stress and we have fun being the key to delay this process; example, the hobby of to knit .


An investigation of the Interdisciplinary Society of Quantitative Research in Music and Medicine , points out that stimulating factors of lifestyle, intellectual and physical, could help to prevent deterioration cognitive and strengthen the mind .


Knots and forms that take care of your mind ...

The act of weaving helps you not only to occupy your free time, but to keep active and fit the muscles of your hands and your brain. Although this is not all its benefits.

1. Avoid the loss of memories. Spending long periods of time in front of the TV could decrease memory; something totally contrary if it is woven, an action that according to a study of Mayo Clinic, could delay the loss of this capacity.

2. Natural antidepressant. A survey published in The British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 3 thousand 500 weavers, indicates that 81% of respondents feel more happy after weaving. And this is due to the dopamine discharge that occurs in the brain when doing something that causes satisfaction.

3. Relax. The expert Herbert Benson, founder and president of Body Medical Institute, Harvard Mind and author of the book "The Relaxation Response", recommends the repetition of a word, a sound, a phrase or a muscular activity 'to achieve a response from relaxation.  

4. Team work. The expert José Josán points out that knitting involves much more elaborate zones related to creation, calculation, emotion, memories and finally satisfaction and pride of a completed task that you can feel, look, hug .

5. More assertive decisions. The weaving generates a cognitive training that can improve the reasoning skills and the processing speed of the brain up to 10 years after that training has been completed.

Caring for health does not have to be an issue that is synonymous with money. Actions as simple as weaving can help you. Try it!

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