Keys to improve the relationship between grandparents and grandchildren

The grandparents are today the people in charge of taking care of the grandchildren, because the parents of family they must go out to work.

According to the "Guide on the influence of grandparents on healthy habits" , it is vital that there are healthy behaviors in the family, since they are at the extremes of life and require specific care to take care of the Health from both. GetQoralHealth , he tells you this day August 28 Grandpa's Day what are these measures.

1. Older adults due to their age carry a diet rich in vegetables and fruits, in cases of hypertension The consumption of salt is limited, which is beneficial for the child's health, since it will begin to eat healthy from childhood.

2. Both must have the vaccinations necessary to prevent the spread of diseases such as pneumococcus and influenza , because being together, complications from these diseases can be serious.

3. The grandparents are a constant source of love so that the children are aware that there are other people, in addition to their parents, who can make their lives enjoyable.

4. The practice of exercise to prevent the disease and promote Health . Children must get used to performing physical activities and reduce the hours they spend sitting in front of the television. For this, it is essential that adults also incorporate exercise physical to your daily activities.

The coexistence between grandchildren and grandparents is growing, so it is important to encourage children respect and affection for their grandparents, since it is clear here a healthy family life.

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