Keys to enjoy the holidays

Almost two weeks of enjoying with your loved ones celebrations December and being on the last straight of this year, experts give recommendations basic so that parties do not finish with your wellness physical, emotional and, of course, economic.

Mayo Clinic points out that to face the stress that imply the holidays (year-end), it's important to plan early and request the support for of the family to organize everything necessary. This is a guarantee that you have a good time and enjoy these dates.


Keys to enjoy the holidays

Undoubtedly, the Christmas it could become one of the most eras Stressful of the year. The choice of gifts, Pressure of last-minute shopping and expectations of family unity can run out , therefore, these practical suggestions can help you reduce the tension .

1. Plan ahead. This is a very cited suggestion, but it becomes so common to leave at the last minute details such as decoration, cleaning or the menu, among other countless numbers. Booking certain days to go shopping, cooking, visiting friends and other activities will make the load lighter and you could better manage your time.

2. Respect the budget. Before making any expense is essential to plan it. The ideal is to make a list of your income and what you need to buy (gifts, food, extra disbursements) You must decide how much money you can and want to spend. Stick to your real budget and avoid excitement when you use your cards, advises Mayo Clinic .

According to the Condusef , there is no magic formula that applies to all people, each one has different consumption needs and different budgets. Being an intelligent consumer is recognizing if the way you are consuming is appropriate. This represents a benefit to your personal finances.

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