Keep him safe!

More than 50% of accidents who suffer the children between zero and nine years occur within the home , such as burns and choking, according to figures from Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS).


The Ministry of Health of Mexico He details that annually, more than 35 thousand children, mainly children under five, suffer some type of burn injury, but how can babies be protected from accidents ?

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Keep him safe!

1. Take care of him while he eats . Babies and children are more vulnerable to scalds caused by liquids and hot foods. Therefore, pay more attention to the temperature of the food that is given to babies to avoid this type of incident.

The ideal temperature of food is 37 degrees Celsius, similar to body temperature.

2. Liquid spills . When they start eating on their own, babies are more at risk of spilling liquids or hot foods. To avoid it use suction plates, which adhere to any surface

 3. Choking . It is one of the most common accidents in children under one year. In 80% of cases, very large pieces of fruit or vegetables are responsible for these incidents; regardless of the toys or objects that are also usually brought to the mouth.

To prevent babies from choking on food, the company Nûby creates "Mordisquitos"; a novel ideal accessory so that babies can begin to taste solid foods, fruits or vegetables cut into small pieces, without the worry that the child may drown. Its mesh made of nylon protects and massages the delicate gums, helping the teething process.

In accordance with KidsHealth, the accidents They can occur at any time and any place, so it is important that parents learn cardiopulmonary resuscitation, have a first aid kit, and install smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

The important thing is to keep your children under surveillance at all times, to reduce the risk of accidents , as well as educating them to take their precautions when they are a little larger. And you, how do you protect your children from accidents?

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