Justin Bieber

Sometimes when we do so well in the professional area we can lose the floor and have behaviors that prevent us from growing and advancing. We forget to thank the things we have and this happens equally if you are famous or not.

Yes, we can all "lose" the floor because we are human, but we must return to simplicity because nothing is eternal and we forget to treat the people who love us well. Here the 5 celebrities that worst treat their fans .


Justin Bieber

The singer is known for his unfriendly and arrogant attitude, on several occasions he has had a terrible behavior with his fans. This weekend, he has made news again after scolding his fans for trying to throw gifts on stage during a concert in Atlantic City, New Jersey.


Jennifer Aniston

The actress is reputed to be one of the celebrities with the worst character, and not stop to say hello to her fans. In one of his many trips his followers booed her for not wanting to take pictures with them.


Daniel Craig

The famous has shown a bad attitude with his followers at different times. On one occasion, he was upset with a fan for taking a picture while eating with his wife Rachel Weisz.


Avril Lavigne

The singer has been criticized for having bad behavior with her fans. In one of his concerts he charged $ 400 per photo to the attendees, and forbade them to touch her or to ask her for an autograph.



A few years ago, one of the followers of the pop queen asked her if she would visit Sarajevo, to which she replied: "Is there Starbucks? If there is not, I will not go." For that and other attitudes, the singer is known for treating her fans badly.

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