Just no

You know say no" ? It could be a simple matter: it's just expressing a word. However, the meaning we give it is, in most cases, negative. What to mention to a loved one or at work can cause guilt Y regrets.

According to a study of the Duke University in North Carolina, Women are more likely to foresee that they will feel bad and in fact this is what happens when they refuse to do something they do not want. Even when it goes against your Will.


Just no"

However, learning to say "no" is not an impossible situation to achieve. And here we offer four tips that will help you get it, with information from Juliane Wurm, author of Working in the Reggio Way: A Beginner's Guide for American Teachers.

1. Take your time to decide. Do not feel obligated to give an answer at the same time. Some people use automatic email responses to have more time and consider all requests; this seems to be a strategy that works well

2. Get more details about the application . Often requests end up involving a lot more work than it initially seems. Make sure you take into account all the details.

3. First your priorities. Saying can not be difficult, but if what you have been asked to do is not aligned with your Priorities or values, then it will be a waste of your time and energy.

4. Resignation of guilt. Consider what you have agreed to do and what you are capable of doing and just keep going.

Remember that you are the only one who can decide, nobody else. In your hands is your life and the direction you want.

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