Jump with pole vault at the Olympics

Among the different specialties of the Athletics that are carried out in the field, pole vault or pole vault is one of the most anticipated disciplines for its spectacularity in these games of the brotherhood, thanks to athletes of very high level as the Russian Yelena Isinbayeva , winner of the gold in the last two Olympic jousts, in addition to Melanie Adams (Australia-photo) and Allison Stoke (USA).

This test is classified within the field events and performed outdoors and indoors. It appears in the official program of the games since its first edition, held in 1896 in Athens, for the male category. While the female category debuted until the year 2000 in Sydney, according to the portal athleticsgogota.org

The pole vault is a test that aims to overcome a crossbar located at high altitude with the help of a flexible pole, which measures between 4 and 5 m in length and is usually fiberglass and carbon.

The kind of pole to be used will depend on the technical level of the diver, his weight and the speed with which he reaches the shot. With higher speed, weight and technical level, harder and longer poles will be used.

To know how the jump technique is, in GetQoralHealth we present you a video of the Olympic medalist and holder of the world record, Yelena Isimbayeva :

The athletes have three attempts to overcome each height, which increases according to the specific rules of each race, from which they are eliminated if they make three consecutive jumps.

This test, requires a good speed of career, muscles strong in the back and great skill gymnastic , so it is important the work that is done both on track and in fitness center , where the established routines can work the muscles of the whole body in a way that boosts the power. So this summer in England we can see great athletes compete globally.

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