Jessica Simpson becomes a mom

Singer Jessica Simpson , aged 31, gave birth to her eldest daughter Maxwell Drew Johnson, and both are in excellent health, even starting with the lactation maternal

The businesswoman and actress thanked the love, support and prayers she received for everything to go well. In addition, he assured that it is the best experience of his life.

Even though that him pregnancy from Simpson was very commented, because she gained a lot of weight, the actress must perform exercise and control your feeding , to continue with the lactation maternal, which is the next important stage in motherhood.


Learn about the benefits of breastfeeding

The lactation maternal diet is the healthiest and fit for the first six months of life, because this milk protects the newborn from infections , diseases , malnutrition and obesity.

According to information published by Psychoprofilaxis Mountain, the lactation maternal strengthens the affective bond between the child and the mother; and guarantees the growth, development and intelligence of the child.

Sometimes, the mother's nipple needs to adapt to the baby's mouth so that it can suckle; However, in this process, milk extractors can be used, which is one of the products that should not be missing in the accessories for your baby.

In the market there are many models, but you must choose the one that most closely matches your needs, you can choose between a manual or electric. With the first one, you must pump or press a lever to suck the milk; while the second is perfect for moms who work outside the home, because they have fast extraction cycles, as well as suction levels.

These products can not be shared, that is, their use is exclusively personal, to prevent the transmission of viruses or bacteria. Also, it is essential that you do not forget to moisturize the skin that surrounds your breasts , to avoid stretch marks and dryness during lactation maternal

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