If you're reading this, it's probably because regularly your Relationships do not last as you expected Certain factors that are important in the relationships of couples, and often do not make them aware. That's why, we tell you, why your relationship does not last .

A study published by the University of Michigan , reveals that people who carry a relationship of couple 'open 'They are happier, By saying open, we do not refer to a relationship of infidelity or in which respect is lacking, it refers to a relationship in which each person has his space.

The main reasons why your main reasons do not last are:



It is normal to feel jealousy when we can feel lost to the couple; but there is jealousy to jealousy. The world is mixed and you can have friendship with the other sex, as long as it gives you your place.


Everything they do together

We must understand that we do not own anyone. They are two people sharing their lives, but at the end of the day two different lives; You should not do everything together, it is good that everyone has their space.



It is one of the main problems of couples. When you or your partner only care about yourselves no matter what happens to the other. A romantic relationship is two and must be procured every day by both. Worrying about each other is essential.


Lack of communication

Without communication, none Relationship works. This is part of the trust and whatever seems to them or not, must be said to know if the two are in 'the same channel', and otherwise fix it.

For these reasons, Do not last your couple relationships . It is important that you reflect on it so that from now on you make it conscious and your relationships function in the best way.


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