Jaime Camil will be a father of a girl

A few months ago the Mexican actor Jaime Camil and his fiancee, Heidi Balvanera , confirmed the arrival of their first child. But, there was still an unknown, what would be the sex of the baby ? Would they wait until birth?

The doubt was cleared by the future mother, who confirmed that they will become dads of a girl , with the following message:

"Dear friends, you are going to be a beautiful girl's uncles!" Wrote the Mexican actor's girlfriend on her Twitter account.

Heidi also expressed that he no longer has clothes . "I definitely think I can not use my normal pants anymore ..."

The couple announced their commitment last February, after 7 years of relationship


How did Jaime Camil know that he would be a father?

The actor was interviewed on the radio program of the speaker Javier Poza, in Mexico City, where he said his fiancée notified him that he would soon be a father thanks to a message in which he shared some images of pregnancy test

"Knowing that I will be a father, I had a very nice reaction, fear , responsibility , happiness , of all a little, it was very rare and I am very happy, I wanted it for a long time, "said the actor.

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