It is not recommended to crush medicines

If you are one of the people who have difficulties swallow and believes that starting or shredding the medicines gets the same effect, is wrong.

According to a group of researchers from the Faculty of Chemical Sciences of the Autonomous University of Nuevo Leon, this practice should not be applied in certain medicines because you run the risk of remove the Benefits of its active ingredients.

The preparation of pharmaceutical forms is very important to ensure a rational use of the active ingredients adapting them to the appropriate administration route.

In addition to promoting the preservation of these active ingredients and protecting them against alteration factors, the forms of presentation of some medicines mask and correct the unpleasant odors or flavors and the painful reactions of some drugs.


Consequences of crushing medications

It is common practice to crush tablets and mix them with food before administering them in order to facilitate the intake in patients with problems of swallowing or for whom it is difficult to administer medicines . In the opinion of experts, any tablet with a cover is for a reason and should not be crushed.

Between these pharmaceutical formulations highlight: sublingual or oral products (if these preparations are swallowed, they are ineffective or less effective than when properly administered); those of enteric cover; extended or sustained release products (should not be crushed or chewed as the destruction of this dosage form may increase the side effects or the toxicity of the medication).

Macerating or splitting products with carcinogenic potential (such as antineoplastic drugs) may not alter the dosage form, but may cause release of toxic product particles. When effervescent products are chewed they lose their ability to dissolve quickly.

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