It damages your body!

A difficult day does not mean that things do not go the way you expect. There are also other reasons, which is possible, have not even raised, such as the use of a bra that does not correspond to your size .

It seems a joke, but it is not, in fact there is a study carried out by the pioneer and expert brand in the creation of the bras since 1915, which reveals that 80% of women do not use their correct size and choose to buy 34B, which from their perspective, is the ideal one.


It damages your body!

Although at first glance its only impact would be on the aesthetic level, the truth is that it definitely influences your character, posture, causes circulation problems, headaches, breathing difficulties, swollen glands and even gastritis.

The journalist Fernanda Tapia share your experience in this regard:


"In my case, I suffer from asthma and it was very noticeable that my condition worsened in the afternoon, after several studies a doctor made me notice that I arched my back because my bust is prominent and I did not wear the right underwear, contracting the clavicle, this at the same time caused that it collapsed the high part of the lungs, reason why it began to hyperventilate ", explains the driver.

In addition, he adds that in the area of ​​the breasts the skin is very delicate, so the fact of using a fabric that scratches, itches or compresses them, causes such discomfort that it interferes with your character and that you suffer from pain easily. of head, since you affect the blood circulation.

Acquiring this garment is something that requires all your attention and care when selecting it, especially because especially in it you have to consider not only that it looks good, but that it favors your well-being and your health.


Learn to buy it!

Ask for advice to know your correct size

Measure in inches the outline of your chest under the bust and add 3, that's your size.

Choose according to your needs

Do not look at the model as much as it is practical for each occasion, ideally you have one for rest, sports, sleeping, daily and special events -the model will depend on the type of clothing that take over.

Check yourself every six months

Check again every six months, since it is possible that your size will be different in this period due to changes in body weight.

Check other factors

According to your age, it is important that you also consider other factors such as hormonal changes, which can cause you to have fluctuations in weight and will affect not only the size, but also whether it is appropriate to use a bra with dipstick.

While all women should pay attention to the type of bras They use, in the case of those who have had cancer and have removed the nodes, they must be especially careful, as they require special support, absolute comfort and soft fabrics, in these cases it is essential that the treating doctor himself According to health conditions, recommend the best option to use.

More than a symbol of sensuality, this garment is allied to your health and well-being, it will depend on knowing your body and needs perfectly so that you make an appropriate choice as soon as you consider that the value of you does not translate into using a certain size , but in accepting and loving you as you are.

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