It all starts with a talk

You've seen him on the street, at work or maybe in the gym and since then you can not stop thinking about him. What if it's the love of your life? If you think you have no chance, you're wrong. Science is on your side and has some tips for you. All you need is 90 minutes, enough time to fall in love.

The romance started in those 90 minutes can also last a lifetime if you intend to. This is what the British writer Nicholas Boothman says in his book 'How to make someone fall in love with you in 90 minutes or less'. Do you dare to try?

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It all starts with a talk


  • Prelude to love . Have one thing very clear: these 90 minutes are going to be what takes you from a simple attraction to a connection, to intimacy and then to commitment.


  • Start a conversation . You have it in front of you and even if your heart goes a thousand times an hour, take a deep breath, relax and take the opportunity to start talking. Say something ingenious that catches your attention and gives rise to conversation.


  • Take care of the details . The first moments with the other person are fundamental for the relationship to prosper. Show the best version of yourself. You know how to do it!


  • Intimate and personal . They are already talking, but the key is to lead the conversation to the personal ground. Talking about time or politics is not the best option in this case. Ask him about some aspect of his life and try to find common ground. Find a connection between the two.


  • Do not speak only you . It's about talking, so listen to him, ask him and let him do the same. That is to say, a fluid conversation in which you both know each other and believe that curiosity to continue doing it.


  • Be honest . You are trying to impress him, but do not exaggerate or resort to lies. Sincerity falls in love and is the basis for creating a healthy and lasting relationship, so apply it from the start.


  • Transmit your emotions . If the conversation is on the right track, issues that are emotional for you may come to light. Do not disguise your feelings. We all get excited and it is precisely one of the keys to achieve that connection and intimacy between them.


  • Smile . The smile is one of the best weapons of seduction, put it into practice! Show yourself happy and fun, that you notice that you like to be by his side.


  • Connect the look . The eyes play an important role when creating that connection. Look him in the eyes, do not look down or avoid yours. Enjoy the moment you connect visually.


  • Your position also communicates . Your body is giving a lot of information to the other person. Stay in a comfortable, relaxed and natural posture. Do not bend or cross your arms. You can give the feeling that you are not willing to open up to the other person.

The 90 minutes have already passed. !! Congratulations!! Surely by then they will have been able to engagean intimate, sincere, reciprocal and very personal talk. The spark has arisen, the magic is there. Falling in love is very possible and the chances of it lasting, too.


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