Is the personality inherited?

Personality is the psychological traits with which each individual interacts and develops in society; for Sigmund Freud the personality is formed through 5 phases: oral, anal, phallic, latent and genital , which, together with the environment, result in our characteristic features.

Being passive, leaders, timid, distrustful, vain, punctual is the result of a series of learning that is generated within the family, however, a recent study reveals that the personality could be determined by the genes.

This new finding has caused controversy in the community dedicated to the study of personality and psychology. Researchers of the University of Minnesota , conducted a study with several pairs of twins who were raised by different families since 1979, it was shown that the personality developed by some of them, was not influenced by the education of their parents.

The results suggest that the individual differences where genetics intervenes, they play an important role in daily events, where education and values ​​that are inculcated in the family will affect the behavior of the individual.

Leadership and traditionalism are among the traits that were most closely linked to genetic factors, he says.David Lykken "One would never have imagined that the tendency to believe in traditional values ​​and strict adherence to rules could be more a hereditary trait than learned."

The investigations around what is what defines our Personality traits will continue to be a subject of study in research centers; If they tell you that you look like your dad in character, you have to ask yourself if this was due to the genes or the environment in which you developed.

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