Is it the love of your life?

Many romantic stories inspire us to the point of the tear, who has not cried with real ferocity to see the tape The Diary of a passion? This beautiful film starring Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling takes the air out of anyone, but how to find the love of your life?

However, without assigning the blame to the seventh art, it seems that this type of stories prompts some women to think that anyone will find that character of Noah and accept or at worst, evade the reality of their heartthrob. You, have you found your prince charming?

1. Bring a menstrual colic mark "cry to eternity", you have no humor of anything and frankly the inflammation makes you feel uncomfortable, when you meet your little piece of heaven, what does it say?

to) Have you seen the holy belly you bring? Are you sure you're not sick?
b) I see you desmejorada ... until inflamed I would say.
c) I know you do not feel good, what can I do for you?

2. As if a ray of blue magic light had touched the head of your partner making him sensitive and loving, one day without apparent reason, says: 'I love you my love', so you think that:

to) Something did! As the phrase dictates, "it does not take place without huarache".
b) Something wants
c) He is an expressive man and there is no greater surprise in it.

3. When your lover arrives for you and looks at you with the security and beauty of Matthew McConaughey, what does he say after the welcome kiss?

to) You look "chubby"
b) I think we should put on a diet.
c) You look pretty.

4. When you are with family or a group of friends, do you try to make jokes at your expense? or make reckless comments about your life?

to) Yes, he usually criticizes me in public.
b) Sometimes.
c) Never.

5. If your fairy godmother gave you the opportunity to fulfill your desire to find love, what would you say?

to) Yes please!
b) I would ask him if my boyfriend is.
c) That I would accomplish something else, because I already found it.

Majority of A: Run!
Urge to straighten the way, in that relationship you live emotional violence, you must never accept hurtful comments or offenses, you deserve to be treated like a real princess, so think about what you are looking for in a partner and what love means, not only in a couple , also towards yourself.

Majority of B: Stop!
There are clear signs that you suffer emotional aggression, it pays to stop and think if that relationship is what you want, as well as if you receive the respect, confidence and security that you crave. There is always time and opportunity to either confirm that it is the love of your life or undertake the search for a man who behaves like a true gentleman.

Majority of C: Smile
Sure you walk with the humor through the heavens, you have your face illuminated and a special shine in your eyes because you have a good companion. For you it is clear that respect and trust are the elemental ingredients of any romantic relationship, so I can only recommend that you continue with that caring attitude of the other, polish your communication and enjoy the beautiful fact of being together.

"Self-knowledge does not nourish pride". If you want more information, write to:

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