Intraocular melanoma affects older adults

The intraocular melanoma a kind of Cancer rare; however, it is the most common neoplasm in older adults.

According to National Cancer Institute, Its main causes are sun exposure and age.

Is disease is generated by the creation of cells malignant (cancerous) in the uveal conduit of the eye, which is formed by:

  1. Iris : It's the part that surrounds the pupil and it gives color to the eye; it can be observed through the cornea transparent
  2. Ciliary body : It's a ring tissue muscular and fibrous, in charge of changing the size of the Pupils . It is behind the iris and produces a liquid that fills the spaces between the iris and the cornea .
  3. Choroid : It's the layer of blood vessels they provide oxygen and nutrients to the eye. Most of the intraocular melanomas begin in this part.

How does melanoma detonate?

The specialists assure that there are several risk factors to develop this type of Cancer ocular, such as:

  1. Excessive exposure to sunlight or artificial (tanning beds).
  2. Having white skin with a propensity for freckles.
  3. Light colored eyes (green or blue).

In some cases, the intraocular melanoma it does not generate early symptoms; however, it can be detected through dark spots in the iris , by view blurred or by the change in the shape of the pupil.

In the following video of the Eye Microsurgery Institute , Dr. José García-Arumí, explains the types of tumors malignant eye, as well as its treatment:

The specialist ensures that small tumors that do not have metastasis , can be removed with surgery and save the vision of patients.

The treatments that are used to eliminate the disease depend on the type of cells of the melanoma , the size and the part where the tumor , as well as the patient's age and health.

Doctors can detect the melanoma through an eye examination with Pupils dilated, with ophthalmoscopy indirect, a ultrasound , a angiography or a transillumination of the eyeball.

It is important that people perform routine check-ups, to prevent the Cancer advance and generate other diseases As the glaucoma .

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