Intense headache

The Headaches they are very common in everyday life; however there are warning signs of a headache .

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Most of the times we suffer from Headaches They are related to tension and stress. These are minor pains, which are not accompanied by other symptoms and when taking some pain medication they disappear. Paracetamol is usually what experts recommend for the headache .

According to a study conducted pro Michigan Headache & Neurological Institute , most of the Intense headaches are related to high blood pressure .

It is important to detect warning signs of a headache to prevent any disease related to them.


Intense headache

When a headache is intense, this means that reaches its maximum in a period of 60 seconds is considered a warning sign of a headache .

Sometimes it can be a sign of a brain aneurysm .


Nausea and vomiting headache

When nausea and vomiting are present in addition to the pain, it is a sign that there may be inflammation of some brain membrane. Most of the time this happens is the result of a meningitis or a brain tumor.


Headaches in the morning

Awakening with headache it is a sign that blood pressure is not ideal.

Regularly blood pressure should be 120/80, when it is one of the warning signs of a headache the pressure is considerably higher.

It is important to find a way to lower it to avoid any cerebrovascular complications.


Headache gets worse day by day

If despite the medicines, the headache it does not diminish and on the contrary it worsens there may be a more serious health problem.

It is not a problem of tension and stress , we could even be talking about some serious alteration in the brain.

Any of these symptoms should not go unnoticed; among the complications for not attending warning signs of a headache spills and brain tumors are found. It is very important not to self-medicate.


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