Injury that changes your appetite

Its appearance can be attractive to the eye and its flavor suggestive to the palate, but the taste or fondness of the consumption of complex or exotic dishes can be a symptom of a disease, called: gourmand syndrome.

East eating disorder produces in the patient an unstoppable desire to buy or cook foods exquisite and very sophisticated dishes, and can be produced by an injury that affects certain areas of the hemisphere right brain .


Injury that changes your appetite

According to a study published by the American Academy of Neurology , the Gourmand syndrome is described as a concern for food and a preference for eat well .

The analysis of the clinical and anatomical data of 36 patients who showed this behavior (as part of the investigation) reveals a strong association with the location of the injury in the right front of the brain and cortical areas, basal ganglia, or limbic structures that influence the taste for certain foods.

The study emphasizes how lesions in the head can influence the development of some eating disorders. And do you like high gastronomy dishes?