Inhale solvents, a dangerous juvenile addiction
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Inhale solvents, a dangerous juvenile addiction

There are many reported cases of mothers and fathers who have problems with their children because of the use of inhalants. And, what exactly are inhalants? A wide range of substances in the form of solvents, aerosol sprays or gases that, when breathed, cause effects on some of the body organs and their functions.

Some inhalants related to these problems are chemical products found in the home or for industrial use. Examples of these are cleaning products, glues, nail polishes, solvents, kerosene, various aerosol products (deodorants, hair spray and flavorings) and some gases (butane or propane). The last ones are breathed directly from their flask.

There are really inhaling drugs used for medical purposes such as laughing gas which can be used as dental anesthesia. But obviously, the products listed above are not intended to be inhaled or used for medical purposes.

Its use can be considered an addiction due to its intoxicating effect. These products are particularly dangerous because they are cheap and easy to obtain; there are "drugs" that children, between seven and sixteen, are more likely to use or to abuse. Especially in places where access to other drugs is restricted.


Consequences of the use of inhalants

Inhalants can cause intoxication - similar to that produced by alcohol - dizziness, confusion, euphoria and Hallucinations The sudden change of behavior in the user makes him prone to hurt himself, as well as the luck of someone driving under the influence of alcohol.

Long-term use includes risks of damage to the brain, kidney or liver, and possible death from heart failure, pneumonia or hypoxia - a condition in which the body is deprived of adequate oxygen supply.

Perhaps the most dangerous form of this type of addiction, be it the solvents inhaled in plastic bags, the danger becomes even greater, for the risk of hypoxia , which is when the user is not breathing enough air. Inhaling solvents can cause severe physical and mental damage. Cases of death among adolescents due to the use of solvents happen every year.

Long-term users of inhalants may experience headaches or insomnia after using them. Treatment for victims of this form of addiction includes therapy, education and support. The companies that produce these substances have also cooperated, creating substitutes for the products illicitly used as inhalants.

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