Increase your physical coordination with kick box

If what you want in having greater physical coordination and flexibility body, the best option is the classes of kick box , because this discipline handles different levels of heart rate, to better metabolize the fats and increase the oxygenation of the body.

In an interview with Karin Hernández coach of kick box in Sport City , says: "When you exercise, you release endorphins and it is important to have the connection between the mind and the body, because the body is controlled by the mind and if the mind and body are quarreled, you will not achieve the benefits of any sports practice. "

According to Hernández, when performing kick box , you get better flexibility and you provide your body with relaxation, although he pointed out that this exercise It is not recommended for people who have some type of back or knee injury.

The classes of kick box They are more complete, since they perform a high intensity aerobic work, along with exercises that tone muscles. In addition, physical and mental agility is strengthened, as well as muscular endurance:

"With this class, you also correct body posture and constitute a method of self-defense that provides safety, reduces the stress and it improves the reflexes of the individual ".

Kick boxing emerged in Japan in the 60's. It is a fusion of martial arts and boxing. It is practiced by both men and women. The ideal is to do it 3 times a week. Each class lasts 60 minutes and the important thing is to maintain coordination and be aware of each of your movements.

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