Include it in your life!

Most people think that restricting your feeding is the only way to lose weight effectively, however, this is not always real, since adding certain products to your food can help you burn calories , as is the case sodium bicarbonate . If you want to check it, check out our video Youtube.

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In the following video of Tips to lose weight, knows the properties of sodium bicarbonate and how it helps you stay at a healthy weight and with the look you want so much.

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Include it in your life!

The sodium bicarbonate It not only serves to maintain a slender body, since it also helps you to take care of your health. According to a study published in the Sport Medicine , this compound increases sports performance because it neutralizes the accumulation of lactic acid, which causes muscle pain and fatigue.

On the other hand, sodium bicarbonate reduces kidney stones, because it decreases the acidity of urine, the main cause of this problem in the kidneys.

Even if you have heartburn, specialists recommend drinking a glass of water with a little sodium bicarbonate to reduce discomfort and neutralize acids in the stomach.

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Do not forget that an effective way to lose weight and maintain good health is the combination of exercise, balanced diet and good hydration, and follow the tips that are mentioned in the video.

In case you want to incorporate something else to speed up your weight loss, consult a specialist before trying it. If you want to start improving your lifestyle and lose weight, know the organic products we have for you.

Video Medicine: DIANA ROSS and MARVIN GAYE include me in your life (February 2021).