Inclúyelos in your diet!

Agree the investigation "Neuroendocrine regulation of hunger, satiety and maintenance of energy balance" published in Medigraphic hunger, satiety and energy balance are regulated by a neuroendocrine system that works constantly and is integrated at the hypothalamic level.

There are also 3 main reasons why you may feel hungry

  1. Need for nutrients to survive
  2. Maintenance of cellular structure and functions
  3. Obtaining energy to perform useful work

Therefore in GetQoralHealth and with information from the Federation of Spanish Diabetics (FEDE) we present you 5 foods that produce a greater sensation of satiety


Inclúyelos in your diet!

1 egg. Thanks to its protein content of high biological value, the egg is a nutritious and satisfying food. Remember not to consume more than 2 whole eggs (yolk and white) per week if you have weight control, cholesterol or diabetes.

2. Nuts They are energy and satiating foods with low glycemic index. Almonds, peanuts (unprocessed peel) and pistachios are an excellent option to control your appetite.

3. Whole grains. The fiber content of foods made with whole grains allows you to feel full in less time. Choose bread, rice or pasta that is 100% whole.

4. Pope. Consumed in moderation and because of its water and starch content, the potato also generates a fast feeling of satiety.

5. Low fat fish . Albumin and fish protein also have high satiating power. Salmon or tuna in water is recommended. Prepare them roasted or steamed.

The secret". If you're worried about cholesterol from foods like eggs, you can include oats. According to the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) Oatmeal is another food that has great capacity to quench

Oatmeal is a cereal that contains fast-absorbing carbohydrates, high nutritional value, fiber and beta-glucans; substances that are able to absorb cholesterol and bile acids from the intestine.

Remember that satiety is the sensation that occurs when we feel fully satisfied when consuming food and that a balanced diet should make you feel "satisfied" Watch your health!