In the shape of Y

When the hair falls, it is dry or with grease, it may reflect some damage to the scalp but having theopen ends of the hair You can know if you have a health problem.

The hair with an orzuela is also known as tricoptilosis and this happens because it suffers a reduction of cuticular cells which produces its fissure.

Having open ends is not only an aesthetic issue, it has to do a lot in how you feed yourself, with your hormones or if you have any condition, "reveals Claudia González Torres , dermatologist.

The specialist explains the types of open ends of the hair and its relationship with a health problem.


In the shape of Y

It is characterized by being thin and soft. The cause may be due to lack of iron, zinc, folic acid and selenium.

In the form of a fork (divided into three)

It may be due to side effects of some medications, poor blood supply or have low defenses.

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