In the nose

If you thought that acne was teenagers, you're wrong. Many women in their 20s, 30s or even 40s can have pimples .


Many times we consider that when a grain appears it is because we ate some fatty food and we do not worry about the location where they are.

The location of the pimples on the face says a lot about your state of health, reveals the dermatologist. María Fernanda Ruiz .


In the nose

They appear due to stress. This part of the face reflects the increase in adrenaline, which in turn increases the grease .


On the forehead

The pimples in this area they are due to a great extent to some digestive and stress problem.


In the chin

Hormones increase the production of fat, cover the pores of the skin and causes imperfections.


In the ears

Rarely do they come out in this part of the face but be careful because they could be a symptom of dehydration.



The cheeks are linked to the lungs and respiratory infections.

If you notice that the appearance of pimples It is frequent, avoid touching your skin and go to a dermatologist to determine the treatment to follow.


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