In love with a manipulator?

Have you felt manipulated in your relationship? All people have a power to influence others; However, when comments turn into manipulation?

In general terms, manipulation is defined as the veiled and abusive exercise of power. Manipulators are people whose goal is to satisfy their own needs or desires at the expense of others.

It is therefore important to identify if your partner is manipulative or not, to discover it Isabelle Nazare, author of the book "The manipulators" It offers 7 signs that will help you find out:

1. They are always right because only their point of view is correct and that is why they impose their rules.

2.  It does not support criticism and when someone confronts them, they deny the evidence.

3. They have double speech. While they say one thing, their attitudes or actions are opposed.

4. They use flattery, they give gifts and give attention to everyone to look good.

5. They are specialists in making you feel guilty.

6. The manipulative man threatens his partner with complicating his existence if he wants to end the relationship.

7.  A manipulator becomes docile when he achieves his goal, but that behavior hardly lasts hours or maximum a day.

8. Blame others in the name of family ties, friendship, love, professional conscience.

9.  It questions the qualities, competence and personality of others; criticizes without appearing to do so, devalues ​​and judges.

10. It does not take into account the rights, needs and desires of others.

The problem with this kind of relationship is that it is difficult to detect it. However, a manipulative person will always seek to control the other, by pressing the indicated buttons: insecurities or fear.

Remember, that you are important for who you are and if that person makes you feel bad or hurt you emotionally or physically it is time to end the relationship and get away. A relationship is to help and strengthen not to hurt.

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