Improve your digestion with a balanced diet

Fruits and vegetables provide the body with minerals, vitamins Y fiber for the proper functioning of each organ; consuming five servings of these foods daily facilitates the Digestive process , gives more elasticity to the skin and strengthens the immune system, said Elia Domínguez Sánchez , Coordinator of Nutrition Programs of the Coordination of Medical Areas, Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS)

Cereals and legumes give women and men the energy necessary to carry out their daily activities, while products of animal origin provide mainly proteins that allow the development, repair and renewal of tissues.

Domínguez Sánchez explained that it is important that these foods are consumed in small portions to keep in control cholesterol Y sodium : "All these benefits, when combined with some type of physical exercise such as walking, running or swimming, allow people between 20 and 50 years of age to maintain their ideal weight , although this population group is the most vulnerable to the consumption of miracle products ".

The Social Security specialist stressed that miracle products are dangerous, since they do not work as advertised and are available to anyone: "Its consumption can cause serious complications, as there are consumers with chronic degenerative diseases that may be affected by some ingredient".

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