Impossible to renounce it?


However, this percentage may increase, if you are a physically active person. Your body requires the consumption of more carbohydrates . This translates into being able to eat between 6 tablespoons to 10 unnatural sugar a day.


Impossible to renounce it?


Whether in a natural form (fruit or milk) or added, sugar has a function within the organism: it gives energy quickly, it becomes glucose inside the blood, contributing to the repair of the cells, which feed the brain "Says Adelaida.

Although there are keys that can help you find a Balance in sugar consumption:

1. Order your day Start with your breakfast, look for sources of protein that leave you satisfied, an egg with turkey ham, plus a cup of coffee, but with 1 tablespoon of sugar substitute (this allows you to save 2 tablespoons of sugar).

2. Choose a sugar-free meal, especially if it is a cookie, and try to eat only half the container.

3. You can replace it with lighter and healthier options, natural or sweet jams, for example, an amaranth crowbar.


Sugar substitutes, because they do not raise blood glucose, "says Adelaida.

Remember, this amount of sugar is based on a balanced diet which is at two thousand calories.


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