Importance of nutritional information

Do not you know how to bring good nutrition? The first step to achieve this is to control your consumption of calories and carbohydrates during the day, so it is essential that you know the nutritional information of each food.

Thus, Google puts at your disposal the nutritional information of more than a thousand fruits, vegetables, meats and other products that are included in your favorite foods.

You just have to write basic concepts in the search engine such as: how many proteins does a banana have? How many calories are there in an avocado? Google give you the information quickly and easily in a space designed specifically for this project.

The most relevant data that will show you are the calories, amount of fats and proteins. All this information comes from United States Department of Agriculture .

Also in a box will give you other food options related to the size of the portion you are looking for.

Currently the information is available only in English, however, more food, features and languages ​​will be added over time, explains Ilya Mezheritsky, Google's product manager.


Importance of nutritional information

According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), from the United States, taking good nutrition is essential to feel good, stay strong and at a healthy weight.

To enjoy all the nutrients in your food and avoid having side effects in your body, you must learn to read the nutrition information labels, which contain data such as serving size, number of calories and percentage of daily value, which includes all the nutrients that contribute to your total daily diet.

The recommended daily amounts are approximate amounts, because these depend on the total number of calories consumed. Regularly the figures correspond to people who have a diet of two thousand calories.

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